Shortcuts Cost; Safety Pays!

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Motivational Safety Presentations that Change Perspectives!

Paul Wingard is a motivational safety speaker whose passion is to help companies that are interested in providing a safe working environment for their employees. He does this by motivating their members to avoid taking safety shortcuts like he did, and instead, to take safety seriously! Paul became disabled when a bottle ruptured that he was transferring gas into; an accident that could have been avoided!

Paul is grateful to be alive and to be able to share his story about how his disability has affected his and his family's lives, and the consequences resulting from his disability. His goal is to challenge the audience to consider how it would affect them and their family's lives if they were to become disabled, motivating them to place a high priority on safety! To view an introductory clip, click here.

Benefits of Paul's safety presentations include:

  • Less accidents; employees will be more motivated to follow safety practices because they will not want to risk the consequences that accompany becoming disabled; the memory of Paul on the wheelchair will be a strong deterrent to taking safety shortcuts, which should lead to less accidents, which in turn should help your organization become more OSHA compliant.
  • Smoother process with OSHAin the unfortunate event an accident does occur, the ensuing interaction with OSHA will probably be smoother and quicker if you have documentation that you hired a motivational safety speaker to help provide a safe working environment. 

Paul would love to help enhance the attitude toward safety in your company! Please call him at 580-819-1696 or email him at